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Oct 2020

Global Alliance, Coming Together for Action (virtual due to COVID-19)   

Presenter with J. Hartman: "Prisoner Reentry & Digital Skills”


Aug 2020

American Sociological Association, San Francisco, CA, USA (virtual due to COVID-19)

Presenter; Co-authors: J. DeCook, M. Foster, Jennifer Cobbina, A. LaCourse: "Digital Reentry: How Returning Citizens Perceive Access and Use of ICTs"

Presenter; Co-authors: D. Grošelj, A. Petrovčič: "Going online for someone else: Internet users who act as proxy internet users"


Apr 2020

Net Inclusion 2020, Portland, OR (canceled due to COVID-19)

Invited Panelist: “Academic research that's useful to digital inclusion practitioners”


Nov 2019

Symposium “Digitaler Habitus: Zur Veränderung literaler Praktiken und Bildungskonzepte”, Gießen, Germany

Invited Keynote Speaker: “‘When this year is up, I will get rid of my phone and move to the woods’: Digitaler Habitus und digitale Ungleichheit im Kontext verschiedener Gesellschaftsgruppen”


Sep 2019

TPRC The 47th Research Conference on Communications, Information, and Internet Policy, Arlington, USA

“Digital Reentry: Uses of and Barriers to ICTs in the Prisoner Reentry Process”; and “Building Our Own Bridges: How a Distressed Urban Neighborhood Bridges the Digital Divide”


Aug 2019

American Sociological Association, New York City, NY, USA

“Mobile Phones will not Eliminate Digital and Social Divides: How Variation in Internet Activities Mediates the Relationship between Type of Internet Access and Local Social Capital in Detroit”


Jul 2019

International Association for Media and Communication Research, Madrid, Spain

“Digital Reentry: Uses of and Barriers to ICTs in the Prisoner Reentry Process”; "Going online on behalf of someone else: Characteristics of internet users who act as proxy internet users"

May 2019

International Communication Association, Washington, DC, USA

                        “Inequalities in Breadth of Internet Access and Use Predict Local Social Capital: Digital Divides in Detroit"

Sep 2018

U.S. Embassy Teacher Academy 2018, Freiburg, Germany

Invited Speaker: "Digital Divides"

May 2018

International Communication Association, Prague, Czech Republic

Panel Co-Organizer and Panelist: “Filter Bubbles: From Academic Debate to Robust Empirical Analysis”; and Panelist “Personalization, Politics and Policy: Cross-national perspectives”


May 2018

University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Invited Talk: “Digital Inequalities and Prisoner Rehabilitation”


Apr 2018

Net Inclusion 2018, Cleveland, OH, USA

Invited Panelist: “Digital inclusion data you can use”

Apr 2018

Simmons College, Boston, MA, USA

Invited Talk at Know News: Engaging with Mis- and Disinformation Symposium

Feb 2018

Institute for Public Policy and Social Research, Lansing, MI, USA

Invited Panelist: “Imagining No Broadband Access” Public Policy Forum

Oct 2017

Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge, MA, USA

Invited Talk: “Internet Activity, Skills and Political Opinion Formation”


Sep 2017

TPRC Capitol Hill Briefing, Washington, DC, USA

Invited Talk: “Race and Digital Inequality: Policy Implications”


Sep 2017

TPRC The 45th Research Conference on Communications, Information, and Internet Policy, Arlington, USA

“The Policy Implications of Race and Digital Inequality”; and “Social Shaping of the Politics of Internet Search and Networking: Moving Beyond Filter Bubbles, Echo Chambers, and Fake News”


May 2017

Partnership for Progress on the Digital Divide, San Diego, USA

“The Intersectionality of Digital Inequality in the US”


May 2017

International Communication Association, San Diego, USA

“Cultural Divides and Digital Inequalities: Attitudes Shaping Internet and Social Media Divides”

A History of Operationalizing Digital Divides”


Nov 2016

National Communication Association, 102nd Convention, Philadelphia, USA

“The changing character of digital divides: Shifts in the US, Michigan, and Detroit"


Oct 2016

Association of Internet Researchers, IR17, Berlin, Germany

“An interrupted history of digital divides"

Sep 2016

TPRC The 44th Research Conference on Communications, Information, and Internet Policy, Arlington, USA

“Rural Broadband Policies in a Cross-National Comparison”


Jul 2016

International Association for Media & Communication Research, Leicester, UK

“The (digitally) forgotten: Digital exclusion of UK prisoners”


May 2016

International Communication Association, Fukuoka, Japan

“Innovations in Digital Inclusion Research, Policy and Practice” Blue Sky Workshop Co-Organizer


Oct 2014

Association of Internet Researchers, IR15, Daegu, South Korea

“Access denied: Rural broadband in England & Wales.”


Aug 2014

American Sociological Association, Annual Meeting, San Francisco, USA

“Matters of opinion: Digital inequality and attitudes towards the Internet.”


Jun 2014

ACM Web Science 2014 Conference, Bloomington, USA

“Digital inequalities, attitudes and a typology of Internet (non-) users.”


Oct 2012

Association of Internet Researchers, IR13, Salford, UK
“Living offline: A qualitative study of Internet non-use in Great Britain and Sweden.”


Aug 2011

American Sociological Association, Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, USA

“The participatory web: A user perspective on Web 2.0.”


Oct 2010

Association of Internet Researchers, IR11, Gothenburg, Sweden
“Non-adoption of the Internet in Great Britain and Sweden”


Jul 2010

World Internet Project, Annual Meeting, Lisbon, Portugal
“Internet Non-adoption in Great Britain and Sweden: First results.”


Nov 2009

Internetdagarna, Stockholm, Sweden

“Sweden: Why Internet non-use matters.”


Jul 2009

World Internet Project, Annual Meeting, Macau, China

“Non-user research in Great Britain: The Oxford Internet Surveys.”

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