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I teach a variety of classes in media, communication, and information. I redesigned the undergraduate research methods class as well as the Media and Information Policy class at the Department of Media and Information at Michigan State University. At the University of Leicester, I taught classes ranging from communication theory and research methods to classes on digital media and everyday life. Besides teaching in traditional classroom settings, I have vast experience in teaching distance learning and online classes through various modes to both undergraduate and graduate students.


In addition, I also acted as a mentor to a large number of undergraduate and postgraduate students throughout their dissertations. I am especially interested in working with students who are eager to investigate the relationship between digital media and various realms of society, and specifically societal issues and inequalities.


Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, US




  • Mass Media and Communication

  • Techs and the City

  • Communication Research Methods


  • Techs and the City

Assistant Professor, Michigan State University, US (2016-2018)


  • Media and Information Research

  • Media and Information Policy

Lecturer (Assistant Professor), University of Leicester, UK (2013-2015)



  • New Media and the Wired World

  • Analyzing Communication Processes

  • Topics in New Media

  • The Internet and Everyday Life



  • Approaches to Media, Culture, and Communication

  • Media Research Methods I

  • Media Research Methods II

  • The Sociology of New Media

  • Theorizing the Internet: The New Media Revolution I/II

  • Research Methods for the Online World

  • Digital Media in Everyday Life

  • Advertising Research Methods


Distance Learning (graduate):     

  • Key Issues and Approaches in Media Study

  • Media History and Social Regulation

  • Media in Global Context

  • Communications and Globalization

  • Investigating Media

  • Media Industries: Convergence, Divergence

  • Professional Practices

  • Audience and Reception


Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati, US (2013-present)



  • Online: The Internet and Everyday Life

  • The Internet and Everyday Life

  • Freshman Seminar: Communication and Society

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